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A Word from Pastor Mike

"I am honored to be the pastor of a loving, caring, committed group of Christians.
I would like to briefly share what we have come to understand as being truly important in our church.

The Word of God tops the list—it’s clear and faithful proclamation and our unflinching and uncompromising faith in it as the very words of God.

Christians must daily reject the devastating lies of a culture opposed to God and embrace the life-giving truth claims of our Creator.

The Word of God is a brilliant light in a dark world. Only the power of the gospel can save and transform us.

Loving one another is a huge emphasis at Parkside because it is a distinguishing mark of a true Christian.

With this in mind, unloving things like gossip, discord, and division are not welcome, and by the grace of God, will be an uncommon thing in our church.

But when we fall short, it will be addressed in love and humility.

Too much is at stake.

Repentance is called for because we exist as a church to show the world the same forgiving and merciful love that we have so richly received from God.

Being your real self has become a characteristic of family life at Parkside.

Most of us here understand the futility of putting on a ‘church face’ for Sunday mornings. We are becoming keenly aware that God looks on the heart and that nothing is hidden from His sight.

When we fall short, by the grace of God and through faith in Jesus Christ, we move on to repentance, forgiveness and living each new day with His strength and the support of one another to walk what we believe.

Until we stand before Him, we are subject to the temptations inherent in this life.

So there is no shame in being our true selves, even when we struggle and fail. Restoration and the joy it brings are what we seek for the glory of our God.

I could go on, but I think you have enough information to get a sense of what this pastor believes is of utmost importance to the family life of our church."